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Dickinsonia Were Flat Bathmat-Sized Soft-Bodied Creatures That Lived 550 Million Years Ago (May 17, 2017): Researchers from the University of California, Riverside (UCR) have been studying Dickinsonia, one of the oldest fossil animals.

Narwhals Filmed Using Tusks to Stun Fish (May 13, 2017): Narwhals have been filmed using their tusks to immobilize Arctic cod.

Two New Species of African Mole-Rat Discovered (May 8, 2017): Scientists have discovered two new species of African mole-rat. They are found in Tanzania.

Baby Otter Rescued in Arizona (May 5, 2017): This cute baby otter was rescued in Arizona. It had become separated from its mother and was infested with fleas.

Tiny New Species of Tree Climbing Crab Discovered in Hong Kong (May 5, 2017): A new species of tree climbing crab has been discovered in Hong Kong. It is named Haberma tingkok

Ancient Sea Scorpion Slashed Prey With Serrated Tail Spine (April 25, 2017): The ancient sea scorpion grew up to three meters in length and attacked using its serrated tail spine.

Badger Observed Burying an Entire Cow by Itself (April 1, 2017): Biologists from the University of Utah have observed an American badger burying an entire cow by itself.

Turkeys Walk in a Circle Around a Dead Cat (March 3, 2017): A group of about twenty turkeys were spotted walking in a circle around a dead cat.

Amoeba's Carapace Resembles Gandalf's Wizard Hat (February 20, 2017): A new species of microorganism has been named after the wizard Gandalf from The Lord of the Rings. The amoeba's carapace resembles the wizard's hat.

Penguins at Steinhart Aquarium Given Red Hearts for Valentine's Day (February 15, 2017): Penguins at the Steinhart Aquarium were given red Valentine's Hearts. The penguins carried the hearts off to their nests.

Candy-Striped Hermit Crab Discovered in Caribbean (January 27, 2017): The Candy-Striped Hermit Crab is a new hermit crab species that was discovered in the Caribbean by scientists.

Researchers Capture Footage of the Ruby Seadragon in the Wild for the First Time (January 14, 2017): Researchers have captured footage of the rare Ruby Seadragon in the wild for the very first time.

New York City Quarantines Cats to Stop Rare Bird Flu Outbreak (January 13, 2017): New York City has quarantined hundreds of cats to stop a rare bird flu outbreak before it spreads to many other cats.

Three New Land Flatworms Discovered in Brazil (January 9, 2017): Scientists have discovered three new species of flatworms in the Brazilian Araucaria forest

Scientists Say Chickens Are Intelligent, Caring and Complex (January 5, 2017): Scientists say chickens are very smart birds. They say they are intelligent, caring and complex creatures.

Feral Cats Cover Over 99.8% of Australia Say Scientists (January 3, 2017): Researchers have found that feral cats cover over 99.8% of Australia's land area.

Three New Species of Miniaturized Tropical Salamanders Discovered in Oaxaca Mountain Forests (December 2, 2016): Three new species of tiny tropical salamanders have been discovered in the mountain forests of Oaxaca, Mexico.

Ancient Giant Salmon Fought With Large Spike-like Teeth (October 29, 2016): A species of giant salmon that lives 11 to 5 million years ago would battle with large spike-like teeth.

Study Finds Common Swift Can Fly Nearly Ten Consecutive Months Without Landing (October 28, 2016): A new study has found the common swift can fly for nearly ten consecutive months without ever landing.

Arachnologists Discover 43 New Species of Scaffold Web Spiders (October 27, 2016): There are 20% more scaffold web spiders than previously known before thanks to a discovery of 43 new species.

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