Archaeological Finds in Dmanisi, Georgia Cast Doubt on Origin of Human Species

Posted on June 30, 2011

CNN's Paula Newton visited an archaeological site in Dmanisi, Georgia, where the origin of the human species is being called into question. The traditional theory is that all humans evolved from Africa 1 million years ago. But that may not be true.

In Georgia, Archaeologist David Lordkipanidze found the earliest traces of human settlements from 1.8 million years ago. Homo Erectus may have come from Eurasia, not Africa. There are five skulls, tools and animal remains. The scientists have recreated how the early humans looked.

It's a fascinating find that is complicating the story of human evolution. Some theorize that Homo Erectus arose in East Africa earlier than originally thought, and disagree with the theory that Homo Erectus didn't originate in Africa at all. Take a look:

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