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U.S. Returns Ancient Griffin Rhyton to Iran (September 28, 2013): The U.S. has returned an ancient rhyton to Iran. The 2,700 year-old silver chalice has the body of a lion and the face of a hawk or eagle.

Scientists Say King Richard III Was Infected With Roundworms (September 4, 2013): Scientsits say King Richard III was infected with roundworms.

Oldest Known Globe to Depict the New World Found Engraved on Ostrich Egg (August 22, 2013): The oldest known globe to depict the New World has been found on an ostrich egg

Handaxe Design Study Reveals Two Distinct Neanderthal Cultures (August 20, 2013): A study of ancient handaxes reveals there were at least two distinct Neanderthal cultures in Europe.

Researchers Determine Winnemucca Lake Petroglyphs Are at Least 10,500 Years Old (August 14, 2013): Researchers have determined the Winnemucca Lake petroglyphs are at least 10,500 years old - the oldest known petroglyphs in North America

Hair Analysis Indicates Inca Child Sacrifice Given Drugs and Alcohol Before Death (July 30, 2013): Hair analysis indicates Inca child sacrifice was given drugs and alcohol before her death.

Coffin-within-a-Coffin Found at Richard III Site (July 29, 2013): A coffin-within-a-coffin was found at the Richard III site.

Feet of a Sphinx Statue Found at Archaeological Dig in Israel (July 9, 2013): Researchers have found the feet of a Sphinx statue at an archaeological dig in Israel.

Tumor Found in 120,000 Year Old Neandertal Fossil (June 6, 2013): Scientists have found a case of a fibrous dysplastic neoplasm in the fossil of a 120,000 year old Neandertal rib. The fossils were found in a cave in Croatia.

Ancient Egyptians Used Meteorites as Fashion Accessories (May 30, 2013): Researchers have discovered the Ancient Egyptians used meteorities as fashion accessories.

Researchers Say Elephant's Tomb in Carmona May Have Been Temple to God Mithras (May 11, 2013): Researchers say the Elephant's Tomb in the Roman necropolis of Carmona may have been a temple to the god Mithras.

Epecuen, Argentina Resurfaces 25 Years After Being Submerged by Flood Waters (May 11, 2013): Town of Epecuen, Argentina reemerges after being submerged by flood waters about twenty-five years ago.

Researchers Reveal Evidence Indicating Jamestown Settlers Turned to Cannibalism to Survive Terrible Winter (May 1, 2013): Researchers have presented forensic analysis of 17th-century human remains that prove survival cannibalism took place in Jamestown during the terrible winter of 1609-1610.

Excavation at Swedish Site Indicate Humans May Have Used Fertilizers 5,000 Years Ago (April 26, 2013): Researchers from the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, have spent many years studying the remains of a Stone Age community in Karleby, which is located outside the town of Falkoping, Sweden.

Robot Discovers Three Chambers Under Temple of the Feathered Serpent at Teotihuacan (April 25, 2013): Archaeology reports that researchers from the National Institute of Anthropology and History (INAH) discovered three chambers under the Temple of the Feathered Serpent, a pyramid at Teotihuacan in Mexico.

Submerged Stone Structure Found in the Sea of Galilee (April 13, 2013): Researchers have found a submerged stone structure in the Sea of Galilee, a freshwater lake in Israel.

Au. Sediba Hominid Could Not Swing Arms When Running (April 12, 2013): Researchers from Wits University in South Africa, including Peter Schmid from the University of Zurich, have reconstructed the skeleton of Australopithecus sediba, a two million year old human ancestor.

Italian Archaeologists Find Pluto's Gate to Hell (April 6, 2013): Italian archaeologists, led by Francesco D'Andria from the University of Salento, believe they have found Pluto's Gate in southwestern Turkey.

Bronze Battering Ram From Ancient Warship Reveals Design Secrets (April 5, 2013): Researchers from the National Oceanography Centre and the University of Southampton have been studying a bronze battering ram from a 2,000 year-old warship.

4,000 Year Old Shaman's Stones Found Near Boquete, Panama (January 15, 2013): Archaeologists working at the Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute in Panama announced they have discovered shaman stones that are at least 4,000 years old near the town of Boquete.

Prehistoric Clay Figurines, Including Human-Bird Figurines, Unearthed at Koutroulou Magoula (January 7, 2013): Archaeologists from the University of Southampton studying a Neolithic archaeological site in central Greece have helped unearth over 300 clay figurines.

Archaeologists Find Ancient Skull With Cone-like Shape in Mexico (December 18, 2012): Archaeologists in Mexico have unearthed ancient skeletons and skulls at a dig site near the village of Onavas.

Greenland's Viking Settlers Gorged on Seals (November 27, 2012): Archaeologists says Norse Vikings settled Greenland about 500 years ago and then disappeared.

Video: Tomb of Ancient Egyptian Princess Shert Nebti Unearthed Near Cairo (November 15, 2012): Czech archaeologists have discovered the 4,500-year-old tomb of Shert Nebti, a pharaonic princess just south of Cairo.

Scythian Warrior Tombs Found in the Altai Region of Mongolia (November 13, 2012): Researchers led by the Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (UAB) have found Scythian warrior tombs in the Altai Region of Mongolia.

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