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Scientists Recreate Face of Copper Age Thankerton Man (July 28, 2015): Scientists have recreated the face of The Thankerton Man using skull analysis and historical data.

Researchers Find 3.3 Million Year Old Stone Tools (June 2, 2015): Researchers find 3.3 million year old stone tools at the Lomekwi 3 site in Kenya.

Newly Discovered Hominin Species Lived Alongside Lucy's Species (May 28, 2015): Newly discovered hominin species lived alongside Lucy's species over 3 million years ago.

430,000 Year Old Skull Shows Earliest Evidence of Human Violence (May 28, 2015): A 430,000 year old skull found at the Pit of Bones site shows the first evidence of human violence.

Bavarian Archaeologists Unearth the World's Oldest Pretzel (March 12, 2015): Bavarian archaeologists have unearthed the world's oldest pretzel. It is 250 years old.

Two Michelangelo Bronzes of Men Riding Panthers Discovered (February 7, 2015): Researchers say two bronze statues of naked men riding panthers were created by Michelangelo.

New X-Ray Technique Reads Letters From Damaged Herculaneum Scrolls (January 21, 2015): A new X-ray technique is providing hope that hundreds of damaged Herculaneum scrolls may one day be readable.

1.2 Million-Year-Old Stone Tool Found in Turkey (December 29, 2014): A 1.2 million-year-old modified quartz tool is the oldest stone tool ever found in Turkey.

Homo Erectus Made Zigzag Engravings on a Shell (December 4, 2014): Homo Erectus made a zigzag engraving on a shell around 500,000 years ago.

King Tut Had a Club Foot (October 25, 2014): Scientists have discovered through a virtual autopsy that King Tut had a club foot and may have died from malaria and a broken leg.

Parasite Egg Found in 6,200-Year Old Grave Suggests Ancient Irrigation Systems Spread Disease (June 20, 2014): The egg of a flatworm parasite found in a 6,200-year-old grave suggests ancient irrigation systems may have helped spread disease.

Scientists Have Found the Oldest Known Pair of Pants (June 5, 2014): Scientists have discovered the oldest known pair of pants. The pants are 3,000 years old.

Lost Art Discovered on Walls of Angkor Wat Temple (June 4, 2014): Lost art has been discovered on the walls of the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia.

NASA Releases Ebook Called Archaeology, Anthropology, and Interstellar Communication (May 23, 2014): NASA has released a 300-page ebook called Archaeology, Anthropology, and Interstellar Communication.

Scientists Find Skeleton of Girl Who Fell to Her Death In Yucatan Sinkhole Over 12,000 Years Ago (May 15, 2014): Scientists have found the skeleton of a girl who fell into a Yucatan sinkhole about 12,000 years ago.

Explorer Barry Clifford Believes Santa Maria Shipwreck Located Off Haiti (May 14, 2014): Explorer Barry Clifford thinks he has found Christopher Columbus' ship, the Santa Maria, off the coast of Haiti.

9,000-Year-Old Caribou Hunting Site Discovered Beneath Lake Huron (May 1, 2014): Scientists discovered a 9,000-year-old caribou hunting site beneath Lake Huron

Ancient Egyptians Used Wet Sand to Transport Pyramid Stones (May 1, 2014): Ancient Egyptians used wet sand to transport pyramid stones and sculptures.

Tomb of Royal Children Excavated in Egypt (April 28, 2014): Egyptologists from the University of Basel have excavated a tomb of royal children. Tomv KV 40 is located near the royal tombs in the Egyptian Valley of the Kings.

NOAA Coast Survey Finds 19th Century Shipwreck in San Francisco Bay (April 27, 2014): The NOAA Coast Survey used a multi-beam sonar survey to locate a 19th century shipwreck off the Golden Gate Bridge.

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