Baby Otter Rescued in Arizona

Posted on May 5, 2017

Baby Otter

This cute baby otter was rescued in Arizona by a carpenter. Craig Boggs, a carpenter with the Salt River Project, saw the otter struggling in a canal near where he had been working.

Boggs told 12 News, "Just one of nature's thing. You can't let it go. I mean, if you can save it. It's the right thing to do. I mean, didn't want to let the little fella die on it's own. It's not right."

The rescued otter was given to the Arizona Game and Fish Wildlife Center where it was examined by a vet. The otter was found to be infested with fleas as well as dehydrated. The otter was rehydrated and nursed back to health before being turned over to the Out of Africa Wildlife Park.

Arizona Game and Fish says on its otter information page that the weaning period for young otter pups is about three months. This otter was less than 4 weeks old so he was too young to survive without mom.

Image: Arizona Game and Fish