Bio Station Alpha: Secret Martian Base or Linear Streak Artifact

Posted on June 6, 2011

David Martines, an armchair astronomer, has shared footage on YouTube of a 700-foot-long structure he found on Mars using Google Mars. Martines is calling the mystery structure, Bio Station Alpha.

Experts weighing in on the mysterious structure say it is not a secret NASA post or an alien ship or any other kind of exciting object. They argue that the white object was created by a glitch caused by cosmic energy interfering with the camera. Alfred McEwen, director of the Planetary Imaging Research Laboratory, told MSNBC, that the object looks like a "linear streak artifact produced by a cosmic ray."

Google created Google Mars was created using satellite images from NASA. If NASA had put a secret base on Mars they didn't want the public to know about, then they likely would have erased it from any satellite images they gave to Google. Here is the Bio Station Alpha video. Take a look:

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