Singapore Warns of Possible Coronavirus Deaths as Cases Hit 50

Posted on February 12, 2020

Singapore is warning that people "may succumb" to the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) disease as cases in the country hit 50. Singapore says eight of the 50 patients are in critical condition. This figure seems fairly similar to the approximate 20% severe rate that China has experienced.

The South China Morning Post reports that the country now has five infection clusters. They are conducting contact tracing to try and get a handle on the growing outbreak.

Singapore Minister for Health Gan Kim Yong is quoted as saying, "While most infected patients will recover, some may become seriously ill and a small number may succumb to the infection ultimately."

Singapore is showing the world how its done with its transparency about cases and informative Covid-19 section. Other countries should be following this example as author Laurie Garrett noted on Twitter:

The Singapore Ministry of Health has a daily count and press releases detailing each new case. The CDC does not provide detailed case information on its coronavirus page and the case count is updated only three times a week.

Additional Covid-19 Information

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