Bronx Zoo Locates Missing Egyptian Cobra, Website Crashes

Posted on March 31, 2011

Bronx Zoo Egyptian Cobra Found

The Bronx Zoo has found its missing Egyptian cobra. The zoo says the snake was found in a "non-public, off-exhibit area." It had been roaming the Reptile House for about a week. USA Today reports that a Reptile House employee used special tongs to capture the 20-inch long snake.

The cobra will be placed under observation and evaluated. The snake will go back on display once the zoo has determined the snake is in good condition.

The zoo posted a message on its website saying its missing snake has been found but its website has been lost due to high traffic. Some of the interest in the snake has been fueled by the funny Twitter handle, @BronxZoosCobra, which was created shortly after the snake went missing.

Jim Breheny, WCS Senior Vice President of Living Institutions and Director of the Bronx Zoo, says, "As you can imagine, we are delighted to report that the snake has been found alive and well. I really want to thank our staff for their determination and professionalism as we conducted the methodical search. We appreciated the publicís support throughout the past week and we thank the media for helping keep the public informed."

Photo: Julie Larsen Maher, Wildlife Conservation Society