Cat Geoglyph Discovered in Peru

Posted on October 18, 2020

A geoglyph of a cat has been discovered in Peru. The geoglyph resembles a child's drawing of a cat. Cats were clearly very important to the ancient culture that created the geoglyph.

The geoglyph is located near the famous Nazca geoglyphs. It is 37 meters long. It is dated between 200BC and 100BC according to a report in The Guardian

Sky News reports that the geoglyph was becoming nearly completely erased due to natural erosion. The researchers expect more geoglyphs to be discovered.

Jhony Islas, director of the Nazca-Palpa management plan of the Ministry of Culture, told Sky, "Well, one of the things that continues to surprise, and that many ask, is how we still find new geoglyphs, and in fact, there are new ones and we will continue to find more. This has improved a lot in recent years with the use of modern technology - before we had aerial photographs or photographs from the planes, but now we have photos that can be taken with the drones at very low altitude and that helps us a lot."

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