CDC Adds Coronavirus Date of Onset Chart

Posted on March 7, 2020

The CDC is adding more data to its site about Covid-19 coronavirus cases in the U.S. The CDC's COVID-19 Situation Summary page is now updated five days a week (an increase from three) and includes a case count, reported cases by state, repatriated cases, state testing status and a date of illness onset chart.

The testing section features a U.S. map. It shows that five states do not yet have the ability to test for the coronavirus, which is not good. These five states include Maine, Ohio, Oklahoma, West Virginia and Wyoming. Even states that have testing have been complaining about a lack of test kits. This is something that will hopefully be remedied very soon.

The Covid-19 cases by date of illness onset chart is interesting because it gives you an idea of when people first starting feeling sick. As you can see the chart is starting to show a spike near the end of February. Some of the recently added cases actually started days or weeks ago. It has become evident now that testing is increasing that the virus has been spreading in several states for weeks or longer. As data from more new cases is added the spike will likely become more pronounced in early March. The total count for each date can also be found beneath the chart on the CDC website.

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