Ten Children on Ventilators in Mississippi as Delta Covid Variant Surges

Posted on July 13, 2021

The Delta variant of the Covid-19 coronavirus is starting to spread quickly in the United States. Most states are now seeing increases in cases.

The Delta variant of the virus spreads more quickly and is thought to be more deadly than the original Covid-19 strain. It also affects younger people more aggressively. People with no vaccine or just one of two vaccine shots are thought to be at much higher risk of contracting a serious form of the virus. Vaccinated people can still get infected and spread the Delta variant but the likelihood of contracting a serious form of Covid is greatly reduced.

Mississippi is one of the states currently seeing a rise in Covid-19 cases. Dr. Thomas Dobbs, a Public Health/ID doctor in MS, warns on Twitter that there are ten children on ventilators in the ICU in Miss.

Here are a few other signs Covid is beginning to spread rapidly in the U.S. again. The dropping of mask restrictions and return of indoor activities is helping to fuel the next wave.

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