Chinese Developers to Flatten 700 Mountains to Make New City

Posted on December 16, 2012

The Guardian reports that the China Pacific Construction Group plans to flatten 700 mountains to make room for a new city in Lanzhou. In response to environmental concerns, a spokesperson for the China Pacific Construction Group said the mountains they plan to level are already desolate and dry. The construction company said, "Lanzhou's environment is already really poor, it's all desolate mountains which are extremely short of water. Our protective style of development will divert water to the area, achieve reforestation and make things better than before."

NTDTV says the project will cost at least $3 billion and will be watched for not only environmental impacts, but corruption. The news anchor says, "large scale Chinese development projects are known to be hotbeds for bribery and other illicit dealings." Take a look:

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