Report: At Least 210 Coronavirus Deaths in Iran

Posted on February 28, 2020

There are reportedly at least 210 deaths from the Covid-19 coronavirus in Iran according to a report from BBC News. This is much higher than the official death count of 34.

The case total on BNO News lists 388 cases with 34 deaths in Iran. The update from the BBC confirms unofficial reports coming out of Iran that the case count and death toll is far higher. There have many cases exported from Iran to other countries through plane travel.

The BBC says most of the deaths are in the cities of Tehran and Qom. Iran has also suspended parliament as part of its response to the coronavirus outbreak.

A death toll at 210 suggests that there are likely many more cases than Iran's 388 confirmed cases. Even if the death toll is 5% this would make the expected cases to be over 4,000. And hopefully the fatality rate is not nearly that high meaning there are even more cases.

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