CDC on Coronavirus: Disruption to Everyday Life Might be Severe

Posted on February 25, 2020

The CDC is preparing for likely coronavirus outbreaks in the U.S. The CDC's Dr. Nancy Messonnier was quoted by New York Times reporter Julie Bosman as saying at a recent CDC press call that "disruption to everyday life might be severe."

Dr. Messonnier also said the CDC is preparing "as if we are going to see community spread in the near term."

Concern has been growing with the virus spreading across Europe. Italy has the most cases in Europe with over 300 confirmed Covid-19 cases and ten deaths. There are also concerning outbreaks in South Korea, Japan and Iran.

The U.S. is looking to get $2.5 billion in funding approved to battle coronavirus according to a CNBC report. The story also says the HHS estimates a need for 300 million masks. The U.S. currently has a stockpile of 30 million masks.

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