Global Death Toll from Covid-19 Pandemic Passes One Million Mark

Posted on September 29, 2020

The global death toll from the Covid-19 coronavirus pandemic has eclipsed the 1 million mark. This is using the numbers recorded by John Hopkins University's Covid-19 dashboard.

The actual death toll is likely even higher as many early deaths from the pandemic were probably missed and deaths continue to go unrecorded, especially in regions of the world with poor health care systems.

The world is still in the midst of the pandemic. It is disrupting life around the world with many people curbing activities, wearing masks and taking extra precautions to avoid catching the fast-spreading virus.

The are concerns in the U.S. that there will be a large third wave this fall and winter that is the worst yet. During the 1918 influenza outbreak the worst month was October. Temperatures fall sharply in October forcing people more people indoors. There is also an increase in school, work and sports activities that bring more people together.

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