Crabster CR200 Robot is a Crab-like Robot Designed for Underwater Exploration

Posted on April 20, 2014

Crabster CR200 takes a walk in this new video. The crab-inspired robot, designed by the Korean Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST), will be able to walk along the ocean floor. KIOST has been building the car-sized crab robots since as early as 2013.

CNN interviewed the developers of the undersea robots. The developers see a wide range of uses for for the Crabster. Lead researcher Bong Huan Jun tells CNN, "We suppose CR200 can conduct seabed mapping, survey and inspection of wrecks, pipelines, ecosystems and pollution down to a 200-meter depth. CR200 will help divers or work instead of them in harsh environments. It also could assist in locating underwater resources, carrying out underwater mining, and responding to oil spill incidents."

Huan Jun is not sure what ocean creatures will think of the large robot. He says, "I don't know if the animals treat the Crabster as a real crab or not. I thought fish like it more than the other underwater vehicles with propellers that make noise. I hope animals treat Crabster friendly."

Here is the Crabster CR200 walking on land with its six legs. Take a look:

These video gives you an idea of how the robot would function underwater.

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