Deep Space Industries Unveils Plans to Examine and Mine Asteroids

Posted on January 22, 2013

Deep Space Industries Spacecraft

A new gold rush in space is quickly developing. Deep Space Industries (DSI) has joined Planetary Resources in the hunt to harvest raw materials from asteroids. DSI announced today in a press release its plans to begin launching spacecraft to explore nearby asteroids starting in 2015.

Deep Space Industries FireFly

Here are some highlights of DSI's asteroid mining plans:

Deep Space Industries DragonFly

Deep Space chairman Rick Tumlinson says in a release, "My smartphone has more computing power than they had on the Apollo moon missions. We can make amazing machines smaller, cheaper, and faster than ever before. Imagine a production line of FireFlies, cocked and loaded and ready to fly out to examine any object that gets near the Earth."

Deep Space Industries Asteroid Mining

Images: Deep Space Industries

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