Dutch Scientists Determine Mealworms Would Make Good Sustainable Protein

Posted on January 25, 2013

Mealworms Consumption Graph

Dutch scientists from Wageningen University conducted studies to evaluate the use of mealworms (beetle larvae) as a sustainable protein for human consumption. The mealworms were fed carrots and grains. They found the mealworms require less land use and emit less greenhouse gases than the production of milk, chicken, pork or beef. They also found the energy consumption during mealworm production is lower than beef, similar to pork, but higher than the energy used in chicken and milk production. The research was published here in PLoS One.

A big downside to this study is many people may not find mealworms nearly as appetizing as beef, chicken and pork. Animators from NMA News animated the research study. Take a look:

Image: Wageningen University