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Mealworms Consume and Biodegrade Styrofoam in Stanford Study (September 30, 2015): Stanford scientists have discovered that mealworms can live by eating styrofoam. The mealworms also biodegrade the polystyrene in the digestion process.

Craters From Double Meteorite Impact Discovered in Sweden (September 14, 2015): Sweden suffered a double meteorite impact about 458 million years ago. The largest of the two craters has a diameter of 7.5 kilomters.

Mass Fish Die Off Reported Near Tianjin Blast Site (August 20, 2015): A mass fish die off has been reported near the Tianjin blast site in China.

Google Launches Project Sunroof to Show Solar Energy Potential of Homes (August 18, 2015): Google has launched Project Sunroof to show people the solar energy potential of their homes.

Earth's Magnetic Shield is 500 Million Years Older Than Previously Thought (August 1, 2015): Scientists using measurements from ancient zircon cyrstals have determined that Earth's magnetic shield is 500 million years older than previously thought.

Submerged Extinct Volcano Cluster Discovered Off Coast of Sydney (July 15, 2015): Scientists discovered an extinct volcano cluster off the coast of Sydney, Australia while they were hunting for larval lobster nursery grounds.

Satellite Images Show Beijing Quadrupled in Size From 2000 to 2009 (July 4, 2015): Data from NASA's QuikScat satellite shows Beijing quadrupled in size from 2000 to 2009. The city's winter temperatures also climbed.

Large Vortex in Lake Texoma (July 3, 2015): This video of a large intake vortex was shot by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Tulsa District at Lake Texoma.

Unique Reflective Hairs Keep Sarahan Silver Ants Cool (June 19, 2015): Scientists have discovered that sarahan silver ants have unique hairs hairs the help them stay cool in the hot desert sun.

Kate Mara Talks Threat of Drift Gillnets in Oceana PSA (May 23, 2015): Kate Mara discusses the threat drift gillnets pose on wildlife in a new PSA for Oceana.

Icicle Atlas Contains Tons of Icicle Images, Data and Time-Lapse Movies (March 5, 2015): The Icicle Atlas contains data on over 237 lab-grown icicles. The data includes over 230,000 images of icicles.

Scientists Find Earth's Inner Core has an Inner Core (February 15, 2015): Scientists have determined that the Earth's inner core has a core with a possibly different material.

Study: Increase in Carbon Emissions Boosts Risk of Megadroughts (February 14, 2015): NASA study finds an increase in carbon emissions increases the risk of megadroughts.

Pink Sea Slug Boom Reported Along Central and Northern California Coast (January 31, 2015): There is a boom in the population of pink sea slugs along the Central and Northern California coast. The slugs are about an inch long.

Mystery Goo Killing Birds in San Francisco Bay (January 25, 2015): A sticky mystery goo is killing birds in the San Francisco Bay. The goo has the consistency of rubber cement.

Doomsday Clock Now Set a 3 Minues to Midnight (January 23, 2015): The Doomsday Clock is now set at 3 Minutes to Midnight after being moved two minutes closer to doomsday.

Geophysicists Install Earthquake Monitors Beneath CenturyLink Field for Seahawks-Panthers Game (January 10, 2015): Geophysicists have installed three earthquake monitors beneath CenturyLink Field to monitor activity during tonight's playoff game.

West Antarctic Glaciers on Unstoppable Path to Complete Meltdown Warn Scientists (May 12, 2014): The West Antarctic Ice Sheet is on an unstoppable path to a complete meltdown warn scientists.

Chance of Damaging Earthquake in Central Oklahoma Increasing Says USGS (May 6, 2014): USGS says the chance of a damaging earthquake, of magnitude 5.5 or greater, has significantly increased.

New Mineral Discovered in Western Australia (April 23, 2014): Researchers have discovered a new mineral, called putnisite, in Western Australia.

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