Eggsperiments: Scientists Crush and Burn Cadbury Creme Eggs

Posted on April 21, 2011

Scientists in the Biomechanis lab at the University of Nottingham put Cadbury Creme Eggs through a series of important crash tests. The researchers found that the eggs deformed about 12% before beginning to fail. Take a look:

Dr. Donal McNally says, "The egg deformed about 5.8mm (12%) before it started to fail. Once a crack had started, the load required to continue the failure dropped until the egg had compressed to about half its original height. After that, the force required to displace the gunge sideways to allow continued compression started to go up. The energy to initial failure was about 0.3J compared to 712,000J of chemical energy (170 Calories) it contains."

Last year, researchers tested the chemistry of Cadbury Creme Eggs. Take a look:

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