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Chemical in Microwaved Popcorn May Cause Lung Disease (September 6, 2007): WebMD reports on a possible link between microwaved popcorn and lung disease.

129,000 Pounds of Beef Products Recalled (May 18, 2007): Medical News Today reports that the USDA has issued a recall on 129,000 pounds of beef products from 15 American states because of suspected contamination with E coli O157:H7.

Be Careful When Handling Crabs (April 16, 2007): The German Press Agency is reporting that a man in Singapore died after he obtained a case of flesh-eating bacteria called Vibrio when the crab he was preparing for supper pricked him.

FDA Issues Salmonella Peanut Butter Outbreak Update (March 2, 2007): The FDA has an update on the recent peanut butter recall.

Cows that Can't Get Mad Cow (January 2, 2007): Earthtimes.

Eating Fish Still Beneficial Despite Chemicals (October 19, 2006): The BBC reports that experts from the Harvard School of Public Health and the Journal of the American Medical Association have found that eating beneficial is so beneficial that it outweighs the risk from deadly chemicals found in the fish.

Food Fight Expected if NYC Bans Trans Fats (October 2, 2006): MSNBC.

New York City Considering Trans Fats Ban (September 27, 2006): An article on MSNBC.

FDA Warns Consumers About Fresh Spinach Products (September 18, 2006): The FDA and CDC are tracking a dangerous outbreak of e.

Supercentenarian Lived on Sausages and Waffles (September 5, 2006): Every once in a while there is a case that baffles the experts.

Mice Study Suggests Veggies May Reduce Atherosclerosis Risk (June 20, 2006): The BBC reports that a study on mice suggests that eating veggies may reduce the risk of atherosclerosis, or artery hardening.

Consumer Reports Says Pregnant Women Should Avoid Canned Tuna (June 6, 2006): CBS News reports that Consumer Reports is recommending pregnant women avoid all canned tuna because of the high levels of mercury it contains.

Study Links Red Meat to Bowel Cancer (February 3, 2006): The BBC reports on a new study that has linked red meat consumption with damage to DNA damage and bowel cancer.

Chicago Tribune: Canned Tuna High in Mercury (December 30, 2005): A Chicago Tribune investigative report has found that canned tuna is high in mercury despite what the government says.

New Food Labels to Alert People With Allergies (December 20, 2005): On January 1st a new law (2004 Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act) will go into affect requiring food labels to list any ingredients made from the following foods: milk, eggs, fish, crustaceans, wheat, tree nuts, soybeans and peanuts.

Thanksgiving Turkey Safety Tips (November 23, 2005): There are lots of resources with advice and cooking tips for people looking for help on preparing the Thanksgiving turkey.

Coffee and Antioxidants (September 6, 2005): A surprising new study founded by the American Cocoa Research Institute has found that coffee is the top source of antioxidants for Americans.

Why Do We Drink Bottled Water? (August 4, 2005): In a New York Times editorial Tom Standage points out that bottled water must be a lifestyle choice since it is not healthier than bottled water according to a couple studies he cites.

Will Future Meat Be Grown in a Lab? (July 19, 2005): Can you grow chicken nuggets or a steak without needing a chicken or a cow? The UMD Newsdesk reports on a team scientists that think meat can be grown in a lab environment using new techniques of tissue engineering.

Scrumptious Human Rice Modified With Human Genes (April 23, 2005): The Independent reports that scientists have begun adding human genes to rice in Japan.

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