Food News: Page 4

This is page 4 of the food news archives.

Coffee and Antioxidants (September 6, 2005): A surprising new study founded by the American Cocoa Research Institute has found that coffee is the top source of antioxidants for Americans.

Why Do We Drink Bottled Water? (August 4, 2005): In a New York Times editorial Tom Standage points out that bottled water must be a lifestyle choice since it is not healthier than bottled water according to a couple studies he cites.

Will Future Meat Be Grown in a Lab? (July 19, 2005): Can you grow chicken nuggets or a steak without needing a chicken or a cow? The UMD Newsdesk reports on a team scientists that think meat can be grown in a lab environment using new techniques of tissue engineering.

Scrumptious Human Rice Modified With Human Genes (April 23, 2005): The Independent reports that scientists have begun adding human genes to rice in Japan.

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