Great White Shark Dies After Being Released Back Into the Wild

Posted on November 6, 2011

The Monterey Bay Aquarium's released a 4-foot, 10-inch, 52-pound shark great white shark back into the wild at the end of October. The shark had been on exhibit at the aquarium for 55 days. The shark carried an acoustic tag so it could be tracked every time it swam past a monitoring buoy. The shark died within a week of being released.

Jon Hoech, the aquarium’s director of husbandry, said in a statement, "This is a very difficult day for all of us, and for everyone who saw and cared about this animal. Based on the shark's behavior and condition prior to release, we had every confidence that he'd do well back in the wild. Unfortunately, that's not how things turned out. We're surprised and saddened by the outcome."

This is a video of the great white being released on October 25th. Take a look: