Honda Launches Assisted Walking Device

Posted on April 21, 2009

Honda Motor Co. unveiled its walking assist device that helps support bodyweight to reduce the load on an individual's legs while walking, going up and down stairs and performing tasks. The device is designed for people who are capable of walking and maneuvering on their own, but who can benefit from additional leg and body support while performing tasks. Honda says it will now begin testing the device in real-world conditions to evaluate its effectiveness.

Honda says the device reduces the load on leg muscles and joints (in the hip, knees, and ankles) by supporting a portion of the person's bodyweight. Some of the research behind the walking assist device came from work on Honda's advanced humanoid robot, ASIMO.

The device is still in testing phases and there is no word on when it will be available for consumers to purchase. If it delivers as promised there are a lot of people who might benefit from the device and be interested in purchasing it. This video from Wired shows Honda's device in action.

Crunchgear's post also has another video. Crunchgear also notes that the device weighs 14 pounds and runs for about two hours on a lithium ion battery. Take a look:

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