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Study Finds Bed Bugs Strongly Prefer Red and Black Colors (April 25, 2016): A new study has found that bed bugs strongly prefer black and red colors for harborages and dislike green and yellow.

New Species of Black Fly Discovered in Indonesia (April 21, 2016): A new species of black fly has been discvoered in Indonesia. It was discovered on the island of Borneo.

New Dragonfly Species Discovered in Cambodia and Laos (April 16, 2016): A new species of dragonfly has been discovered in a remote mountainous border region between Cambodia and Laos.

Five New Flea Species Discovered in Indonesia (April 14, 2016): Scientists have discovered five previously unknown species of fleas and a new genus in Indonesia.

Six New Dragon Millipede Species Discovered in China (April 7, 2016): Six new species of dragon millipedes have been discovered in caves in China. They have unusually long legs and antennae.

New Treehopper Genus Named After Singer Selena Quintanilla (April 7, 2016): A new treehopper genus discovered in Texas and norther Mexico has been named after singer Selena Quintanilla

New Gnat Species Discovered in Germany (April 4, 2016): A new gnat species has been discovered in Germany. It was discovered in the garden of the Alexander Koenig Museum.

Study Finds Ants Turning Enemies Into Allies After War (March 25, 2016): A new study has found that some ant species turn enemy ants into allies after fierce battles. Acacia ants were involved in the study.

New Butterfly Species Discovered in Alaska (March 17, 2016): A new butterfly species has been discovered in Alaska. The butterfly has been named the Tanana Arctic.

Two New Species of Dung Beetles Discovered in Mexico (March 15, 2016): An international team of scientists have discovered two new species of dung beetles in Mexico.

Newly Discovered Species of Chewing Lice Named After Darth Vader (March 1, 2016): A newly discovered species of chewing lice has been named after Darth Vader. This is due to a similarity between the lice's head and Darth Vader's helmet.

Ancient Ant Battle Preserved in Amber (February 15, 2016): A battle between two different ant species was found preserved in 100-million-year-old amber. The amber is from Myanmar.

Scientists Discover Jurassic Insect Fossil Resembling Modern Butterflies (February 3, 2016): Scientists have discovered an ancient Jurassic insect fossil that resembles the modern owl butterfly.

Dandelions Use Latex to Protect Roots From Hungry Insect Larvae (January 15, 2016): Dandelions are a hardy weed. One of the tricks to their survival is a latex they produce to fend off feeding from insects like cockchafer larvae

Scientists Make 3D Glasses for Praying Mantises (January 7, 2016): Scientists have made 3D glasses for praying mantises. The glasses were used to confirm 3D vision in the insects.

74 New Beetle Species Discovered on Hawaiian Volcano (December 11, 2015): 74 new species of beetles have been discovered on a Hawaiian volcano. They belong to the Mecyclothorax group.

New Plant Bug Genus Discovered in Australia (December 7, 2015): A new genus of plant bug and four new species have been discovered in Australia.

New Butterfly Species Named After Sir David Attenborough (December 4, 2015): A new butterfly species has been named after Sir David Attenborough. The species is found in the lowland tropical forests of the upper Amazon basin.

Naming Rights to New Moth Species Auctioned on eBay (October 19, 2015): The Western National Parks Association is auctioning off the naming rights to a new moth species on eBay.

Study Finds Honey Bees Get Addicted to Caffeine (October 16, 2015): A new study has found that bees get addicted to caffeine and perform increased waggle dances to point other bees to caffeinated nectar.

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