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Newly Discovered Millipede Species Has 414 Legs, 200 Poison Glands and Four Penises (October 24, 2016): Scientists have discovered a new millipede species in a California cave. It has 414 legs and four penises.

Termitologists Discover New Termite Species in Colombia (October 21, 2016): A new termite species has been discovered in Colombia. It has been named after a fictional town in a Gabriel GarcĂ­a Marquez novel.

Ancient Wingless Wasp Preserved in 100 Million Year Old Amber (October 13, 2016): Scientists have discovered an ancient wingless wasp preserved in 100 million year old amber. Researchers created a new family for the unique wasp.

Crane Fly With Double-Barreled Penis Discovered in Australia (September 29, 2016): A crane fly with a double-barreled penis has been discovered in Australia. It is a new genus and species.

Little Devil Frog Vomits Up New Ant Species for Scientists (September 25, 2016): Scientists discovered a new species of ant inside the belly of a poison tree frog.

New Golden Tree Ant Species from Hong Kong (August 14, 2016): Scientists have identified a new species of Golden Tree Ant from Hong Kong. It is named Paratopula bauhinia.

New Spiny Ant Species Named After Game of Thrones Dragons (July 27, 2016): Two new species of ants with large spines were named after dragons in the Game of Thrones series.

New Species of Flesh Fly Discovered in a Human Corpse (July 20, 2016): Scientists have discovered three new species of flesh flies in Brazil and Argentina. One of them was found on a human corpse.

Insect Shed Its Exoskeleton to Escape Tree Sap Tomb (July 19, 2016): An insect similar to a walking stick shed its exoskeleton to escape a tree sap tomb 50 million years ago.

Camouflaged Insects Found in 100 Million Year Old Amber Fossils (July 6, 2016): 100 million year old amber fossils show that ancient insects also used camouflage to hide from prey or predators.

New Weevil Discovered in Subtropical Forest in China (July 5, 2016): Scientists have discovered a new weevil in China. It eats the seeed in the pods of a shrubby legume.

New Species of Giant Amphibious Centipede Discovered (June 28, 2016): Scientists have discovered the first giant centipede species that can swim and walk underwater.

New Blind Planthopper Discovered in a Brazilian Cave (June 28, 2016): A new blind planthopper species and genus has been discovered in a Brazilian cave.

New Madagascar Praying Mantis Named After Ruth Bader Ginsburg (June 1, 2016): A new praying mantis discovered in Madagascar has been named in honor of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

New Beetle Species Identified in Nebraska (May 30, 2016): A new beetle speces has been discovered in Nebraska

Tiny Wasp to Help Battle Emerald Ash Borer Beetles (May 27, 2016): A tiny wasp is being brought in to fight the ash borer beetle which is devastating ash trees across the United States.

Scientists Discover First Long-Horned Beetle Species That Gives Birth to Live Young (May 11, 2016): Scientists have discovered the first species of long-horned beetle that gives birth to live young. It was found in Borneo.

Tiger Moths Produce Ultrasonic Signals to Warn Bats They Are Not Tasty (May 9, 2016): Tiger Moths produce ultrasonic signals to warn bats that they are toxic and are not good to eat.

New Wasp Species Named After Brad Pitt (May 4, 2016): A new wasp species has been named after actor Brad Pritt. The wasp is from South Africa.

New Weevil Named After Chewbacca (April 27, 2016): A newly discovered weevil has been named after Chewbacca from Star Wars. The weevil was discovered in Papau New Guinea.

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