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Termitologists Discover New Termite Species in Colombia (October 21, 2016): A new termite species has been discovered in Colombia. It has been named after a fictional town in a Gabriel GarcĂ­a Marquez novel.

Ancient Wingless Wasp Preserved in 100 Million Year Old Amber (October 13, 2016): Scientists have discovered an ancient wingless wasp preserved in 100 million year old amber. Researchers created a new family for the unique wasp.

Crane Fly With Double-Barreled Penis Discovered in Australia (September 29, 2016): A crane fly with a double-barreled penis has been discovered in Australia. It is a new genus and species.

Little Devil Frog Vomits Up New Ant Species for Scientists (September 25, 2016): Scientists discovered a new species of ant inside the belly of a poison tree frog.

New Golden Tree Ant Species from Hong Kong (August 14, 2016): Scientists have identified a new species of Golden Tree Ant from Hong Kong. It is named Paratopula bauhinia.

New Spiny Ant Species Named After Game of Thrones Dragons (July 27, 2016): Two new species of ants with large spines were named after dragons in the Game of Thrones series.

New Species of Flesh Fly Discovered in a Human Corpse (July 20, 2016): Scientists have discovered three new species of flesh flies in Brazil and Argentina. One of them was found on a human corpse.

Insect Shed Its Exoskeleton to Escape Tree Sap Tomb (July 19, 2016): An insect similar to a walking stick shed its exoskeleton to escape a tree sap tomb 50 million years ago.

Camouflaged Insects Found in 100 Million Year Old Amber Fossils (July 6, 2016): 100 million year old amber fossils show that ancient insects also used camouflage to hide from prey or predators.

New Weevil Discovered in Subtropical Forest in China (July 5, 2016): Scientists have discovered a new weevil in China. It eats the seeed in the pods of a shrubby legume.

New Species of Giant Amphibious Centipede Discovered (June 28, 2016): Scientists have discovered the first giant centipede species that can swim and walk underwater.

New Blind Planthopper Discovered in a Brazilian Cave (June 28, 2016): A new blind planthopper species and genus has been discovered in a Brazilian cave.

New Madagascar Praying Mantis Named After Ruth Bader Ginsburg (June 1, 2016): A new praying mantis discovered in Madagascar has been named in honor of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

New Beetle Species Identified in Nebraska (May 30, 2016): A new beetle speces has been discovered in Nebraska

Tiny Wasp to Help Battle Emerald Ash Borer Beetles (May 27, 2016): A tiny wasp is being brought in to fight the ash borer beetle which is devastating ash trees across the United States.

Scientists Discover First Long-Horned Beetle Species That Gives Birth to Live Young (May 11, 2016): Scientists have discovered the first species of long-horned beetle that gives birth to live young. It was found in Borneo.

Tiger Moths Produce Ultrasonic Signals to Warn Bats They Are Not Tasty (May 9, 2016): Tiger Moths produce ultrasonic signals to warn bats that they are toxic and are not good to eat.

New Wasp Species Named After Brad Pitt (May 4, 2016): A new wasp species has been named after actor Brad Pritt. The wasp is from South Africa.

New Weevil Named After Chewbacca (April 27, 2016): A newly discovered weevil has been named after Chewbacca from Star Wars. The weevil was discovered in Papau New Guinea.

Study Finds Bed Bugs Strongly Prefer Red and Black Colors (April 25, 2016): A new study has found that bed bugs strongly prefer black and red colors for harborages and dislike green and yellow.

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