Institute for Health Metrics Site Provides Covid-19 Hospital Projections

Posted on April 1, 2020

The Institute for Health Metrics (IHME) recently launched a website called IHME Covid-19 Projections. The website provides projections for coronavirus Covid-19 deaths and excess demand for hospital services. This includes the number of hospital beds, ICU beds and ventilators that will be needed.

The IHME projections for each state include the peak demand, peak deaths and forecast curve. The IHME state pages also show what current goverment-mandated social distancing orders are in place.

The charts for many states show that hospital resources will be over capacity. For example, the projection for New York shows a bed shortage of over 60,000 beds.

The forecasting model is updated every morning at 6 a.m. The IHME says data for its models comes from " local and national governments, hospital networks like the University of Washington, the American Hospital Association, the World Health Organization, and a range of other sources."

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