Kate Winslet Admires Infectious Disease Experts

Posted on September 12, 2011

Kate Winslet Contagion

Actress Kate Winslet played Dr. Erin Mears in the disease thriller Contagion. Winslet told CNN's Sanjay Gupta that she admires the infectious disease experts who try and hunt down the source of outbreaks.

Kate says, "They are extraordinarily brave people and highly skilled, highly intelligent and somewhat intimidating I found them to be, just simply because they have so much knowledge and they care so much about the job that they do. They operate in isolated little bubbles - it's just them, their backpack and their Dell computer. They just have to get on with it and work tirelessly all hours around the clock to do whatever they need to do in order to find that index patient. I just really admire them."

Kate also says she washes her hands a little bit more than she needs to these days. She says making the film made her a lot more "germ conscious." Take a look:

Photo: Claudette Barius/Warner Bros.

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