Kengoro Robot Does Push-ups and Sweats

Posted on October 18, 2016

Kengoro Head

Kengoro is a humanoid robot that sweats. The robot also has an angry looking face. It was created by researchers at the JSK Lab/University of Tokyo. The sweating helps the robot cool its motors when it performs activities such as push-ups.

Kengoro has over 100 motors that can generate a lot of heat. The researchers developed a unique cooling system involving evaporative cooling where water seeps out through small gaps in its frame. The Telegraph explains that these area are also the most likely place where the robot could overheat. IEEE says the robot can run for about 1.5 days on a cup of deionized water.

Kengoro robot

This video shows Kengoro performing push-ups. The robot has flexible arms that are also strong. The researchers smashed Kengoro's arms with a board to show how strong they are. Kengoro can do push-ups for 11 consecutive minutes without overheating.

Photos: JSK Lab/University of Tokyo

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