Giant Boulder Arrives at Los Angeles Museum After 11 Day Journey

Posted on March 11, 2012

A 340 ton boulder, dubbed LACMA Rock, has completed its eleven day trip from a quarry east of Los Angeles to the Los Angeles County Museum of Art. A huge 200-foot-long transporter truck with 196 wheels was constructed to transport the granite megalith on its 110 mile journey. The truck, driven only at night, could only travel safely at speeds of 5 to 8 miles per hour.

The boulder will be part of an exhibit by Michael Heize called Levitated Mass, which will open later this spring or early summer. The giant boulder will rest on the center of a 456-foot-long concrete slot. Visitors will be able to walk along the slot and travel under the boulder, where they can view it from below. The exhibit does have an educational purpose, in addition to being "art." It will demonstrate concepts of size and scale - a PDF with classroom activity ideas can be found here.

Take a look:

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