Lil' Drac: The Story of an Orphaned Short-Tailed Fruit Bat

Posted on January 20, 2012

Here is a video about a Lil' Drac, a baby bat abandoned by its mother and raised by volunteers at the Bat World Sanctuary. The baby short-tailed fruit bat likes rocking himself after each meal. Take a look:

In a comment on the YouTube page its says Lil' Drac still recognizes his human friends, but also has new bat buddies. Bat World Sanctuary's MsMercury writes, "He flies over to get hand-fed melon treats that we offer the bats both morning and night. Honeydew is his favorite. He still knows us, but also knows he is´╗┐ a bat and has favorite bat buddies he 'hangs with' (which is exactly what we want :)"

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