FDA Requires Lower Starting Dose for Lunesta, a Sleep Aid Drug

Posted on May 15, 2014

The FDA says the recommended starting dose of Lunesta is too high. They are requiring the manufacturer of Lunesta (eszopiclone) to change the drug label and lower the recommending start does from 2 milligrams to 1 mg for men and women. The drug is sold in 1 mg, 2 mg and 3 mg tablets. The concern is that the long lasting drug can impair driving and other activities into the morning hours. The FDA says in a release that using lower doses of the drug means less drug remains in the body in the morning.

ABC News' Chief Medical Editor Dr. Richard Besser, M.D., says a study found that people can still be impaired by the drug for 11.5 hours after taking a 3 mg dose. Take a look:

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