Man's Runny Nose Was Actually His Brain Leaking Fluid

Posted on May 8, 2013

Sometimes a runny nose isn't a runny nose. Fox 10 Phoenix has a scary story about a man who thought he had a runny nose, but it turned to be cerebrospinal fluid rhinorrhea. LiveScience explains that this is a rare medical condition where brain fluid leaks through a tear or hole in the membrane surrounding the brain.

Joe Nagy had a runny nose for years before he learned it was actually a leaking brain. Barrow Neurological Institute neurosurgeon Peter Nakaji told Fox 10 the problem can be fixed with surgery through the nose without having to cut into the brain. Dr. Nakaji was able to fix Nagy's problem and he no longer has a "runny nose."

This video describes how doctors at Mount Sinai helped another patient who was suffering from a similar problem.

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