Massive Jellyfish Swarms are Turning Resorts into Jellytoriums

Posted on December 13, 2008

The National Science Foundation says climate change is allowing jellyfish populations to swell to dangerous numbers. These jellyfish blooms - or swarms - cause big problems from overruning fisheries to ruining resort sites for tourists.

In recent years, massive blooms of stinging jellyfish and jellyfish-like creatures have overrun some of the world's most important fisheries and tourist destinations--even transforming large swaths of them into veritable jellytoriums. The result: injuries (sometimes serious) to water enthusiasts and even occasional deaths.
Here are some more highlights from the study's findings. In addition to plaguing tourist resorts the article also says these jellyfish swarms have even shut down nuclear reactors.
Jellyfish swarms have also damaged fisheries, fish farms, seabed mining operations, desalination plants and large ships. And proving that jellyfish can be political animals, knots of jellyfish have done the work of anti-nuclear activists: they have disabled nuclear power plants by clogging intake pipes.
The National Science Foundation really does have the headline "Jellyfish Gone Wild!" You can read it here. It's a funny headline but it's really a shame that jellyfish are going wild and ruining resort areas and shutting down nuclear reactors.

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