MERS Death Toll Climbs to 30 After Three More Deaths Reported in Saudi Arabia

Posted on May 30, 2013

Middle East Respiratory Symptom Coronavirus (MERS-CoV) continues to spread slowly in the Middle East. Saudi Arabia has reported 3 more deaths from the SARS-like respiratory virus. The virus has now sickened at least 49 people and killed 30.

UPI reports that the World Health Organization (WHO) reported cases in healthcare workers, which is not a good sign because it indicates the virus is capable of spreading from human to human.

A Forbes story reports that MERS may have a longer incubation period than experts previously thought. The incubation was initially thought to be 1 to 9 days and now they think it may be as long as 12 days.

Experts are still try to find the source of the virus. The WHO is not currently recommending any travel or trade restrictions.

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