MIT Study Finds Yogurt Eating Mice are Shiny and Have Larger Testicles

Posted on April 20, 2012

Scientific American is reporting that MIT researchers recently fed mice yogurt in order to study the effects of yogurt on obesity. They ended up with some findings they did not expect.

Scientific American says the yogurt-eating mice had incredibly shiny coats with "10 times the active follicle density of other mice." The yogurt-eating mice also had slightly larger testicles. Yogurt-eating mice had testicles 5% heavier than non yogurt-eating mice and 15% heavier than mice eating a junk food diet. The yogurt-eating mice also produced more offspring. Female mice fed yogurt had larger litters.

The researchers are crediting the probiotic microbes in yogurt for the boost in mice coat shininess and heavier mice testicles. There was also a previous study (see here) that found a specific probiotic bacterial strain can increase the lifespan of mice and give them better hair quality.

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