NASA Unveils Valkyrie Robot

Posted on December 11, 2013

NASA Valkryie Robot

NASA's Johnson Space Center has unveiled its Valkyrie robot. Valkyrie is 1.9 meters (6.23 feet) tall and weights 125 kilograms (276 pounds). NASA says it wanted a very modular robot so its major components, including its arms, can be quickly replaced. The robot's power is stored in its backpack. There are camera systems in the head, chest, forearms, knees and feet. NASA says robots like Valkyrie will arrive on Mars before humans and work with the human astronauts that eventually arrive on Mars as part of a NASA mission.

IEEE has a report on Valyrie here. The article says Valyrie will be competing against 16 other teams in the upcoming DARPA Robotics Challenge Trials. Take a look:

Photo: NASA

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