New Wolf Snake Species Discovered in Cambodia

Posted on June 10, 2014

Lycodon zoosvictoriae wolf snake in Cambodia

A new species of wolf snake has been discovered in Cambodia. The snake has a checkered pattern on its body. It was discovered in the Cardamom Mountains by Cambodian herpetologist Neang Thy.

Thy is Fauna & Flora International's research adviser in Phnom Penh. Thy tells FFI in the announcement, "Given its unique colouration, submontane habitat and altitudinal separation from other wolf snakes in the region, the species will probably prove to be endemic to the Cardamom Mountains."

Thy named the wolf snake Lycodon zoosvictoriae in honor of the Zoological Parks and Gardens Board of Victoria. Thy says, "The support FFI received from Zoos Victoria has helped build the capacity of Cambodian researchers and conservationists and has greatly improved understanding of Cambodia's reptiles and amphibians. Naming this species in honour of Zoos Victoria will ensure a memorable and historical record of the support they've given FFI, both in discoveries and conservation of the Cardamoms."

Lycodon zoosvictoriae wolf snake found in the Cardamom Mountains of Cambodia

A research paper on the newly discovered snake is published here in Zootaxa.

Photos: Neang Thy/FFI

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