Ocean Powered Robojelly Could Power Itself Indefinitely

Posted on March 21, 2012


Robojelly is a hydrogen-powered robot that mimics the look of movements of a real jellyfish. The robot began as a biomimetic jellyfish robotic project at Virginia Tech. Because the robot is powered by chemical reactions between oxygen and hydrogen and its platinum-based surface, the researchers theorize it could power itself indefinitely. BBC News reports that the robot is made from shape memory alloys wrapped in carbon nanotubes.

Dr. Yonas Tadesse, assistant professor of mechanical engineering at UT Dallas and lead author of the study says, "To our knowledge, this is the first successful powering of an underwater robot using external hydrogen as a fuel source."

Tadesse also says, "The only waste released as it travels is more water."

Here is a video of Robojelly in a tank. Take a look:

The research was published here in Smart Materials and Structures.

Photo: PRNewsFoto/University of Texas at Dallas

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