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Rare Nautilus Spotted for First Time in Over Thirty Years (August 26, 2015): A rare nautilus has been spotted for the first time in over 30 years. The rare nautilus was spotted in the South Pacific by biologist Peter Ward.

Underwater Flying Spaghetti Monster is a Siphonophore (August 18, 2015): BP workers operating an ROV found a creature resembling the Flying Spaghetti Monster. It has been identified as a siphonophore.

New Species of Deep-sea Anglerfish Discovered in Gulf of Mexico (August 5, 2015): A new species of deep-sea anglerfish has been discovered. It has been named Lasiognathus Regan.

Australian Schoolboy Discovers New Box Jellyfish Species (July 25, 2015): An 9-year-old Australian schoolboy has discovered a new species of box jellyfish. The small jellyfish was found on the Gold Coast.

Fanged Blackfish Among Creatures Discovered in Eddy Off Coast of Sydney (July 23, 2015): A fanged blackfish is one of the unusual looking creatures found living in eddies off the coast of Sydney.

New Goby Fish Found in Southern Caribbean (July 22, 2015): A new goby fish has been found in the southern Caribbean at a depth of 70 to 80 meters.

Scientists Say New Seaweed Tastes Like Bacon (July 18, 2015): Scientists at OSU's Hatfield Marine Science Center say they have developed a seaweed that tastes like bacon.

Submerged Extinct Volcano Cluster Discovered Off Coast of Sydney (July 15, 2015): Scientists discovered an extinct volcano cluster off the coast of Sydney, Australia while they were hunting for larval lobster nursery grounds.

Newly Discovered Deep Water Black Coral Can Live for Over 4,000 Years (July 8, 2015): A newly discovered black coral species found in the Hawaiian islands can live for over 4,000 years.

Tropical Organism Ejects Its Digestive Tract in Defense Mechanism (June 23, 2015): A tropical filter-feeder organisim ejects its digestive tract as a defense mechanism.

Huge Toxic Algae Bloom in Pacific Ocean Could Be Largest Ever (June 20, 2015): There is a very large toxic algae bloom along the Pacific coast that could be the largest ever.

Cute Flapjack Octopus to Get Scientific Name (June 18, 2015): A cute octopus discovered by researchers from the Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute is soon to get an official scientific name.

New Heart Urchin Among 100 New Species Found in the Philippines (June 8, 2015): A new heart urchin species is among 100 new species discovered in the Philippines by scientists from the California Academy of Sciences.

Invasive Walking Fish Headed for Australia (June 4, 2015): An invasive walking fish called the climbing perch is headed for Australia from Papa New Guinea.

Newly Discovered High-Temperature Hydrothermal Vents Are Deepest in Pacific Ocean (June 2, 2015): Scientists have discovered high-temperature hydrothermal vents that are the deepest known vents in the Pacific Ocean.

Scientists Document Sawfish Virgin Births (June 1, 2015): Scientists say the critically endangered smalltooth sawfish has been reproducing without sex in the wild.

New Colonial Marine Organisms Discovered in Madeira (June 1, 2015): Two new species of colonial marine organisms have discovered on the Portuguese island of Madeira

New Marine Roly Poly Pillbug Species Discovered (May 27, 2015): Scientists have discovered a new species of roly poly pillbug on a rocky beach located near Los Angeles.

Kate Mara Talks Threat of Drift Gillnets in Oceana PSA (May 23, 2015): Kate Mara discusses the threat drift gillnets pose on wildlife in a new PSA for Oceana.

New Gall Crab Species Discovered (May 21, 2015): A new species of gall crabs that live in coral have been discovered. The gall crabs can be found in Indonesia and Malaysia.

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