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Photograph of a Fish Trapped in a Jellyfish Goes Viral (June 7, 2016): A photograph of a fish apparently trapped inside of a jellyfish virals around the Internet.

Fish Larvae Show Preference for Consuming Microplastic Particles (June 6, 2016): Fish larvae have been documented showing a preference to eating microplastic particles over their natural food source of zooplankton.

Enormous Sponge Discovered off Coast of Hawaii by Deep-Sea Explorers (May 27, 2016): Deep-sea explorers have discovered an enormous sponge off the coast of Hawaii.

Studies Find Depression and Hearing Loss in Farmed Salmon (May 25, 2016): New studies have found that farm raised salmon can get depressed and suffer from hearing loss.

Scientists Find Shark Organ Jelly Has Extremely High Proton Conductivity (May 16, 2016): Scientists have determined that shark organ jelly has extremely high proton conductivity.

DARPA Sea Hunter is the World's Largest Self-Driving Ship (May 15, 2016): DARPA recently launched the world's largest self-driving ship. The ship is 132 feet long and can travel up to 10,000 miles on its own.

Polar Research Ship Named RRS Sir David Attenborough, ROV Named Boaty McBoatface (May 6, 2016): UK polar research ship has been named the RSS Sir David Attenborough. An ROV on the vessel has been named Boaty McBoatface.

Amazing Looking Jellyfish Discovered Near Mariana Trench (May 3, 2016): Scientists discovered this beautiful jellyfish while exploring the Enigma Seamount near the Mariana Trench.

Stanford's Robotic Mermaid OceanOne Explores 17th Century Shipwreck (April 29, 2016): Stanford developed a robotic memaid called OceanOne that can explore shipwrecks. It recently went on its maiden voyage

Scientists Find Swarming Red Crabs on Seafloor (April 12, 2016): Scientists have found swarming red crabs on the seafloor. Thousands of the crabs were seen swarming by researchers during an expedition.

New Species of Bone-Eating Worm Discovered in the Mediterranean Sea (April 8, 2016): A new species of bone-eating worm has been discovered in the Mediterranean Sea. The worms have previously been seen only in colder and deeper waters.

Ghostlike Octopus Species Discovered in Deep Water Off Hawaii (March 6, 2016): A new ghostlike octopus species was discovered in the deep water off Hawaii by the Okeanos Explorer.

Luminous Creatures Found Living on Mollusks in the Red Sea (February 29, 2016): Luminous creatures were found living on the shells of mollusks in the southern Red Sea by researchers from the Moscow State University.

Four New Deep-Sea Worm Species Discovered (February 11, 2016): Scientists have discovered four new species of deep-sea worms. They belong in the genus Xenoturbella.

Fossils of Two New Big Mouthed Cretaceous Fish Species Discovered (February 8, 2016): Scientists have discovered the fossils of two previously unknown species of big mouthed plankton-eating fish from the Cretaceous.

Black Ninja Lanternshark Named After Jaws Author Peter Benchley (January 6, 2016): A black shark discovered off the Pacific coast of Central America has been named the ninja lanternshark. The official scientific name is named after Peter Benchley.

Scientists Make First Observations of Rare Omura's Whales (October 28, 2015): Researchers have recorded the first field observations of the rare Omura's whales off the coast of Madagascar.

Scientist Find Evidence of Megatsunami in Cape Verde Islands (October 3, 2015): Scientists have found evidence of an ancient megatsunami in the Cape Verde Islands. They say an 800-foot wave crashed over Santiago Island.

Newly Identified Australian Fish Named Blue Bastard (September 26, 2015): A newly identified species of Australian fish has been named the Blue Bastard. The reef fish is found off the coast of northern Australia.

Australian Scientists Build Starfish Killing Robot (September 4, 2015): Scientists are developing a robot that will seek out and destroy crown-of-thorns starfish (COTS) in the Great Barrier Reef.

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