Paul Allen Commits $300 Million to Institute Pursuing Knowledge About How Brain Works

Posted on March 23, 2012

Mouse Brain Coronal Section

Microsoft co-founder Paul G. Allen has committed an additional $300 million to The Allen Institute for Brain Science. This brings his total commitment to date to $500 million. The nonprofit research organization is dedicated to accelerating understanding of the human brain. The image above highlights a coronal section of an entire mouse brain.

The Allen Institute for Brain Science has developed a 10-year plan to address critical questions that are central to understanding how the brain works: Take a look:

Allen says, "The accomplishments of the Institute have been truly remarkable. With its disciplined, mission-focused approach, the Institute has successfully tackled big-science projects, delivering tangible results that are helping to advance brain research around the world every day. I am excited to expand the scale and scope of the Institute's efforts, and I look forward to seeing what we will accomplish in the future."

Photo: Allen Institute for Brain Science