Pigcasso the Painting Pig

Posted on February 19, 2018

A clever painting pig has been given the name Pigcasso. Her artwork has saved her from an industrialized hog farm in South Africa. She now lives in a farm sanctuary in South Africa called Farm Sanctuary SA where she paints regularly. Pigcasso's painting called "Fire" can be seen in the video below.

People reports that Pigcasso's painting was encouraged by caretaker Joanne Lefson after Pigcasso became interested in paintbrushes lying around her pen. Pigcasso was given food rewards to help fuel her interest in painting.

Pigcasso's pig paintings have sold for thousands of dollars. ITV reports that her paintings have sold for prices ranging from $280 to $2,000. She is the first pig to host her own art exhibition. It is called Oink. Pigcasso also her own art shop here that shows some of her already sold paintings as well as her catalog of over fifty paintings available for purchase.

Pigcasso is a very fast painter. She does quick paintings after removing the brush from the paint can. Take a look:

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