Pygmy Marmoset is the World's Smallest Monkey

Posted on August 29, 2006

Pygmy Marmoset

The pygmy marmoset is the world's smallest monkey. Two of the adorable creatures were born recently at the Froso Zoo in Ostersund, Sweden. The creature are usually born in pairs but these twins are extra rare because they are albinos.

The albino nature means they tend to have weaker immune systems making life tougher for these little monkeys. Unfortunately, one of the little marmoset twins did not make it. The experts are the Sweden zoo are fighting hard to save the life of the second twin. The twins are pictured hanging on a zookeeper's fingers in the zoo photograph above. The National Geographic reports that the tiny monkeys reach only about 13 centimeters (5 inches) in length as adults. They weigh just 170 grams (6 ounces).

Zoo owner Ake Netterstrom told the Daily Mail, "We were so sorry when the twin died. We put in all available resources to save him but that did not help. It was very sad but it is likely he had a lower immune defence because he was albino.

He also says, "We don't have time to mourn him as we have to focus on saving the other one."

Here is a fact page about the pygmy marmoset from Primate Info Net. It says they can live for up to twelve years. They are found in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Bolivia, and Brazil. The monkeys are from S The San Diego Zoo also has a webpage about these small creatures.

Photo: Froso Zoo

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