Russian Mogul Plans to Transplant Live Human Brains Into Robots Within 10 Years

Posted on March 2, 2012

Russian media mogul Dmitry Itskov announced at the Global Future 2045 International Congress that he is launching a project, called Avatar, that involves implanting live human brains into robots. Itskov has reportedly hired a team of 30 scientists to begin his project.

Itskov's first goal is to transplant a human brain into a robot within ten years. He then wants to be able to upload a human conscious into an artificial brain within 30 years. Itskov also wants to upload human minds into holographic bodies. The holographic bodies concept is his ultimate, final dream. The idea behind each of Itskov's three objectives is that human beings could extended their lifespan indefinitely.

Itskov says we have entered a "new period of controlled evolution." In his short explanation of his project he references the U.S. military's recently announced Avatar project, where soldiers could remotely operate surrogate robots. Itskov says this type of technology should be available to all human beings and should be cheap and affordable. Take a look:

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