Sci Fi Channel Launches New Blog About Saving the World

Posted on August 6, 2008

How You Can Save the World

The Sci Fi Channel has launched a new blog called How You Can Save the World. The blog focuses on issues of science, technology, education, climate change and the future. The blog has an impressive list of contributors that includes Virgin Group Sir Richard Branson, environmental futurist and game designer Jamais Cascio, former CIA director John Deutch, former NASA astronaut Jeffrey Hoffman, Sci Fi Channel President Dave Howe, renowned theoretical physicist Michio Kaku, Segway inventor Dean Kamen and many others.

Here's how the blog describes itself.

It doesn't take a company or a government to save the world (though, admittedly, it helps). People - individual people - are making a better future right now, and we've got a passel of the best. Brilliant minds from art to science, entertainment to architecture, government to technology and points in between are writing for SCI FI's new online blog, "How You Can Save the World". This blog site will bring you amazing ideas from the frontiers of innovation and help set forth first steps in helping solve some of the challenges we face today. Read it and join the conversation.
This will be a blog to watch as new posts come in from top scientists, leaders and entrepreneurs.

Update: The blog is no longer available.

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