Scientists Reveal Metamorphosis Inside Living Chrysalis With Time-Lapse CT Scanning

Posted on May 18, 2013

Scan of V cardui chrysalis at day 16 of development

Scientists have observed the metamorphosis inside a living chrysalis using time-lapse CT scanning technology. The scientists studied the pupae of a Vanessa cardui, which is also known as the Painted Lady or Cosmopolitan butterfly. The image above shows scans of the chrysalis at day 16 of development.

Russell Garwood of the University of Manchester, told The Scientist, "It's basically the first time a CT has been used to look at the development of a single individual."

The animation below shows how the metamorphosis progressed each day over a 16-day period. Take a look:

The research was published here in the Journal of The Royal Society.

Photo: T. Lowe et al.

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