Shweeb: Human Powered Monorail

Posted on July 25, 2009

Shweeb is a human powered monorail that is currently being used for competition at the Shweeb campus in New Zealand. However, it could eventually be used as an eco-friendly form of transportation. Shweeb is said to be faster than a racing bicycle and requires 50% of the energy.

The inventors believe rapidly expanding urban areas desperately need an alternative to cars like Shweeb. An article on Treehugger says that Shweeb's creators believe Shweeb is very cheap, can deliver thousands of people per hour, has no parking problems and has zero carbon emissions.

The result is the most efficient vehicle on earth, the most inexpensive infrastructure of any proposed urban transit and one of the highest capacity systems available - potentially delivering thousand's of people per hour in a very small airspace. All this with zero carbon emissions and no parking worries or cost!
One downside is that it looks a little cramped inside the Shweeb.

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