Most People Hospitalized in Singapore From Coronavirus are Not Seniors

Posted on February 24, 2020

The Singapore Ministry of Health has an informative new Covid-19 Situation Dashboard on its site. The data provided includes the ages of each the cases. The cases can also be broken down by hospitalizations.

It has been reported that the novel coronavirus (Covid-19) hits the elderly the hardest but only a few of the hospitalized cases are seniors. The data as of February, 23, 2020 shows 38 hospitalized patients. Of these only three are over seventy and just five of the 38 patients are over 60. Here is a demographic breakdown:

There are only 38 hospitalized cases but even the small sample shows young people are being hospitalized because of the virus. 25 of the hospitalized patients are male and 13 are female. The site says 5 of the patients are critical but the ages of the critical patients are not provided.

Here is a list of the hospitalized cases through 2-23-19:

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