Starship Technologies Plans Fleets of Self-Driving Delivery Robots

Posted on March 3, 2016

A new company named Starship Technologies plans to alter the way groceries are delivered through the use of self-driving delivery robots. The company was started by former Skype co-founders.

Starship plans to launch fleets of delivery bots like the one pictured above. These robots can complete local deliveries within 5 to 30 minutes from a local hub or retail outlet. Customers will be able to schedule a time for deliveries to their home and track the bot on an app. The robots will be equipped with navigation and obstacle avoidance software. They will be overseen by humans who will intervene when necessary.

Starship CEO Ahti Heinla says in a statement, "Our vision revolves around three zeroes – zero cost, zero waiting time and zero environmental impact. We want to do to local deliveries what Skype did to telecommunications."

Heinla also says, "Our robots are purposely designed using the technologies made affordable by mobile phones and tablets - it's fit for purpose, and allows for the cost savings to be passed on to the customer. They travel at the slow speed of four miles per hour - a brisk walking pace. They don't fly - these are not drones. They travel on pavements/sidewalks, blending safely in with pedestrian traffic."

Starship says it is planning to launch its first pilot services with the robots in the US, UK and other countries this year. Here is a video of the robots in action:

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